During the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Trial Variation), Kokichi try first-seen into the stores space going after and you may bothering K1-B0

During the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Trial Variation), Kokichi try first-seen into the stores space going after and you may bothering K1-B0

Option Fates

The guy innocently requires K1-B0 to get their pal, relatively clueless you to definitely their procedures improve Biggest Bot feel uncomfortable. Then, the guy raises himself to Kaede and you will Makoto Naegi, stating that he’s the leader from a secret evil team with well over ten,000 professionals. But not, he states so it would-be a lay when he says that he is good liar. In the discussion, according to him what you should offend K1-B0, such as inquiring if or not they have a manhood or otherwise not.


Kokichi is an early on man that have a simple look and you may a beneficial rather understated deal with. He has got a primary stature, a thin create, and also soft surface. He’s got purple vision and you will moderately much time, wavy blackish reddish tresses, on the resources colored a brighter reddish. In the certified art publication, it is stated which he cannot frequently love his hair additionally the hairstyle comes from him to experience in it-yet not, he do both utilize the tincture his bangs function and make himself research worst. [5]

He wears a light suit which have several bands wrapped as much as their hands, as well as 2 straps hanging loosely to their ft. Seem to, his jeans are made to appear to be a bit of punk trend with bondage pelts, however they are actually just phony straps sewed in order to more substantial region of your thighs. His clothing is actually ripped in the hem and the neckband part of it is wholly went, and huge components of brand new uniform was repaired that have metal video. He’s multi-colored buttons running down the center of his top, with a few always invisible less than their scarf, and he has actually army badges toward their correct. Their scarf enjoys monochrome areas alternating exactly like a beneficial chessboard. The guy and additionally wears a couple-coloured black colored and you may red slip flats, and also as seen in the smoothness framework gallery, the guy generally seems to wear a white strip.

Within his advertising and marketing ways, he is found with a dark moving cloak and a leather-based peaked hat that have a silver badge on top of they, providing him an even more malicious search.

Regarding the prologue, he wears the fresh uniform away from his amazing high school. He has got the newest traditional tsume-eri consistent towards securely. Their myself tailored consistent has actually beauty off that a beneficial college annex high-school. As with their most other outfits, the base of their trousers is actually small. [6]

Because an enormous compare so you’re able to their almost every other clothing, Kokichi’s “trendy” lingerie has much better and you can vibrant color which have purple and you will reddish band. Apparently, he would like to cover up his playful cardio and you can genuine trend sense into the an sudy Гјcretli mi area nobody can pick. [5]

From the Japanese type, Kokichi’s voice is usually quite childish installing their physical appearance, nonetheless it sometimes converts further and you may adult, constantly as he was either crazy, foreboding otherwise flirty. He also sometimes uses deeper sound regarding English version, however it is smaller prominent because their common sound is not as childish due to the fact new.


Kokichi refers to himself while the an evil finest commander, and sometimes says that title ‘s about of several out of their suspicious strategies as if he is likely to meet their character. He could be an elusive and you may pushy person that unabashedly informs lays and you can states any sort of he or she is convinced. He could be along with unusually straightforward from the his heading worst nature, publicly stating becoming a chief off a giant magic society, admitting to help you are a great liar, and you will claiming they have over nothing but crappy things. On top of other things, their team supposedly features stealth agents in almost any nation, control of every mafias in the world, torture just like the a form of discipline, and you can Kokichi’s outdone competitors appear to gets provided for Siberia. However, not one from their claims have been verified, in addition to other children imagine he is both sleeping otherwise delusional.

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