Sound system put had been the fresh new Fyne Audio F500 SP as well as the Acoustic Times AE1 Antique

Sound system put had been the fresh new Fyne Audio F500 SP as well as the Acoustic Times AE1 Antique

New NAD has been checked out don and doff an IsoTek Evo3 Aquarius mains conditioner (reasons to follow) and it has generally started applied to wired Ethernet (even when wireless could have been checked-out) one another which have BluOS and you may Roon. Certain brief powering could have been carried out with the newest Roksan Attessa Turntable as well as agreeable phono stage toward RCA input and you may AirPlay through an excellent 2021 apple ipad Expert. Topic utilized could have been FLAC, AIFF, Tidal, Qobuz and a restricted level of plastic material.


The brand new C 700 is actually an almost finest instance of exactly what NAD is doing having its amplifier tech over the past years. You’ll find nothing in the manner it creates audio that has you pointing new digit from the Category D… otherwise actually pointing the hand from the one thing. NAD has actually been able to secure the ‘domestic sound’ of team when you find yourself moving out to a totally more topology plus the consequence of it is actually impressive.

First up, specific perspective. The fresh C 700 are, as a consequence of a price reduction on the part of the latter, almost twice the expense of a tunes Fidelity M2si, person off a keen Editor’s Choices Prize. Because it does (vastly) over the Sounds Fidelity, and also make a comparison among them once the amplifiers isn’t as greater of draw as it can earliest appear although the fresh NAD try not to fundamentally match the root welly of your M2si, the new C 700 comes with certain virtues the Musical Fidelity lacks whether or not.

The task one NAD has set in its amplifiers has actually lead within the a device which is constantly sweet. Exactly what do I mean through this? Using the C 700 to the AE1 Classic; a speaker about and that many thousands of words was in fact composed however, very few of which will become ‘lush’ otherwise ‘warm’, the relationship however isn’t really exactly cosseting but the NAD means brand new boundary that Acoustic Times can also be demonstrate is basically missing. It can that it when you are never tipping more for the sounding warm or lacking in drive and you can impact when sanity try restored while the Fyne Music has been used.

The newest C 700 only initiate as soon as you press play

That it sweet and you may balance form you might start day listening to one thing soft and tonally wonderful for example Agnes Obel’s Aventime, potter the right path compliment of certain Father Material, maybe via Paul’s Shop by the Beastie People and you will finish off which includes propulsive Scandinavian techno out-of Carbon dioxide Created Lifeforms plus the NAD does not shed the ball around the them. They forgoes out and out character to ensure it truly does work seamlessly around the several stuff. It is completely consistent with exactly what I have long related the brand new brand name becoming in the but even so, I really don’t keep in mind they becoming this easy.

And you can ‘effortless’ ‘s the phrase that crops upwards a good section within the the latest cards. Also sounding easy, the C 700 are viceless to utilize as well. It’s fascinating to notice you to, although the BluOS component seems to be an equivalent first development as one in the fresh new Roksan Attessa and so they work in the same way, where in actuality the Roksan means you to definitely change it to the until the module pertains to life. What exactly is in addition to noteworthy is the fact that ESS oriented service about C 700 is simply a tiny warmer and you will much easier than the Texas Tool one out of the fresh Roksan.

Very, it’s better than the Roksan? Not always and this is biggest into Attessa turntable lead to your play. Despite brand new phono stage of one’s turntable being used during the each other instances, I prefer this new analog efficiency of the Attessa online streaming amplifier (and also to be obvious it isn’t a total offered when you look at the… some opaque… dysfunction away from what the Roksan do if it techniques analog inputs exclusively regarding the analog website name). This new C 700 try a moving amplifier; it’s an amplifier that avenues, but it is behaviourally much more similar to an all in one than just Roksan’s ‘online streaming amplifier’ was. How much cash this matters is going to come down from what you plan towards the linking for the program.

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