The Angry POF chap (Plenty Of Fish.I’ve entirely disregarded about that destination.

The Angry POF chap (Plenty Of Fish.I’ve entirely disregarded about that destination.

I have totally forgotten about about this put

Well people, i simply stumbled right back on here and knew We haven’t had a rant in over one half a year. I am excessively active and that I have not got opportunity for POF and their shenanigans. I really checked-out POF nowadays, and guess what? Exact same fucking, dull, tired-assed people are STILL around. Gee, I ask yourself exactly why? It is similar to I never left. Plus the exact same people who were there a single day i produced this blog will always be AVAILABLE! Just what a shock, huh? I believe POF is a lot like a time capsule. In another forty years, when I’m in a nursing room, pinching nurses asses, I’ll probably log in to POF before my alzhiemer’s disease kicks in whilst still being see the exact same sorry sacks on there.

Unfortunately, i possibly couldn’t pick even one interesting visibility to trash. It had been like going into a 1980s age grocery store back when their particular generic companies came in an ordinary white box with black characters. Bor-ing!

Who knows when– or if– i-come right back. I demonstrably had more fortune meeting folks offline these days and so I have not have much need to try POF once more.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

“i am a snazzy chick”

Very swift rant for now, girls.

I am not the most significant sentence structure Nazi in the world or nothing, it is the customs acquiring very out-of-hand with utilizing the completely wrong keywords (they can be, there, there as well as 2, to, and too) that we were actually using statement which are not also that much alike?

(the most popular got an ex whom published that she ACQUIRE loves me. I am no lover of criminals. Another published she METAL enjoys me personally. She is bracing herself or strengthening this lady fix to enjoy me? And both phrase will vary from EVEN in pronounciation.)

Whatever the case, it appears that women are now perplexing CHIC with CHICK, such as, “I’m a cool smart.”

CHIC (obvious SHEEK) mans fashionable or stylish. GIRL try slang for women. You will be “fashionable” however can not be “a chic.”

That’s their grammar course for today. You’re (not “your” or “yore”) pleasant.

Monday, Oct 16, 2015

Wants to discover golf balls but no D

Thursday, Sep 10, 2015

CREEPS STAY AWAY before we mace ya ass!

Hey fellas, if you reside inside my shitty part of the country, I then receive the “best” the Nasty ‘Nati has to offer.

The nice news– she has based her very own creation business. I don’t know what it is constructed of, but hopefully which means she will not be watching my wallet.

Regarding disadvantage, unless getting maced and shanked is your thing, we question very first go out should be all of that great. This will not only bitch “mace ya butt,” she could even compose a manuscript about this, too.

This, my personal filipino cupid success stories audience, is just why I am not internet dating once again until we keep Ohio.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A confession of manner

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The turf isn’t greener on the other hand

I know i’ven’t existed lately. Well, i’ven’t already been on POF in quite a long time which is hard to end up being the furious POF man as I’m perhaps not probably POF more. I have been 4 period POF-free. I will acquire some sorts of certification or token like AA. (I did temporarily try looking in but We watched absolutely nothing worth bitching about, simply the normal exhausted face and golddiggers still dreaming about a sugar daddy.)

Some one suggested other sites, like MeetMe or Fetlife. Somebody guaranteed I would “get set” at Fetlife. This person should have underestimated the area of the country I live in; Cincinnati try a shitty town for internet dating, as finding a mate is actually apparently challenging adequate to render headlines. Hell, weekly creature gets Cincy a-c rating for singles right here, and I also believe’s becoming big.

Really, used to do try out a few other areas. Because it turns out, these other places blow as much ass as POF. Possibly it is only online dating in general that sucks or maybe because I live in the ‘Nasty Nati.” In any case, it gives you me personally something you should rant in regards to.

I generated a merchant account to make several quick buddies. But the internet dating world there is equally flaky. We fulfilled this option lady on MeetMe, a somewhat heavyset gal (i am a chubby chaser, people so I’m maybe not complaining) whom defined by herself as “sweet but rather opinionated.” Sweet like Saccharin, probably? We have to chatting and she’s the one that reveals we fulfill. We exchange numbers but she never ever commits to an actual satisfy and not phone calls. She caught with random texts for some time. At long last we set up each and every day to meet up, and I have stood upwards. After she taken this stunt the second time, At long last requested the lady why we make an effort chatting at all. She responds she currently got rid of my phone number from the girl mobile (yet remains amazingly capable deliver several irritating texts afterword). Then, she dates back on MeetMe and laments how no man values the lady and just how tough truly to locate good people, as well as the male is wanks, etc. MeetMe/ more like Mute us, which is the thing I had to do with the lady.

In my opinion people of Fetlife are typical chat no action, at least heading by the gal We met around. I spoken with one, and once once again I managed to get similar are unable to keep a conversation system We read at POF. Second gal whom contacts myself chats beside me, therefore we change rates. We chat for a month (I grabbed a cross nation journey and so I is missing for almost a all thirty days) until eventually we satisfy.

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